Do you have Recordings and/or Videos of you with your Loved Ones?

Sheila Finkelstein, The Tech Savvy Senior

August 2014 will mark 54 years ago that I was married. Only my Beloved Sam is no longer here for us to celebrate together.  He has been gone for six plus years, victim of effects of Parkinson’s Disease.

Despite our having been in a fully loving marriage for 47 years, there are regrets I have, during the last 10 years shadowed by Parkinson’s  I was in denial. So others would not be left with regrets of any kind should a loved one pass on, I set up this Love With No Regrets site and Coaching practice.

Since that time, I’ve realized that one of the things I most miss is having Sam’s VOICE... I’m blessed to have many of his words and expressions of love over the years with writings of his AND NOTHING is recorded. “Shame on me,” I think in hindsight.  I certainly had the tools and was technologically savvy, at least enough to know how to record and do quick videos on my point-and-shoot camera…. even how to upload them.

So that you are not left in the same boat as I,

see Technology for Seniors Made Easy

Learn how  Simple Technology can help you capture today’s memories and have them available in any moment, at any time.

I also invite you to do a check-in on your relationship. See Love Always. If any of the elements are missing from your relationship, contact me for a complimentary 20-minute coaching session. Information is on the Love Always page.

Sheila Finkelstein, The Tech Savvy Senior
Technology and Relationship Coach