Sunrise – Where’s Your Focus? On the Light or the Shadows?

by Sheila Finkelstein

For today’s issue of TREASURE YOUR LIFE NOW, I’m mainly going to let the sunrise photos do the talking… your responses to them that is, without much interference, interpretations, from me.

I had the pleasure of staying in a hotel on the beach, in Daytona Beach, FL, with my younger son and family this past weekend. On three consecutive mornings I was able to be outside as the sun rose, albeit a few minutes too late on the first day to catch it before it appeared on the horizon.

Today’s Photos –

sun jus above the horizon on the Atlantic ocean in viewed from the beach in Daytona Beach, FL

cloud crosses part of the sun as seen from surfside - Daytona Beach, FL

The two above were taken the first day; the one below as I was leaving the beach on the third morning.

Where’s the focus
On the light or the shadows
Lines or textures
Empty places or the core

I choose the light
And you?

As the above image caught my eye, and thus my camera, the thoughts expressed in words below it came out. I jotted them down to share with you in Treasure Your Life Now.

Today’s Relationship Tip and queries
Every moment of our lives is filled with both light or shadows, either within or without ourselves.

The choice of which of these on which you dwell, spend your time and engage in conversation, is up to you.

Sometimes it may feel, or be, necessary to converse your way through the shadows to see the light. Be sure it’s with your journal or a trusted friend.

Remember whatever you are stating is likely not absolute. When speaking with another, get permission and be in the space of empowerment for both of you. If it feels like you are going to be “dumping” (other than with pen), be clear and up front that this is what you are doing.

In writing the above, I’ve made the assumption that you, too, ARE choosing the light. Are you?

If so, I also invite you to explore different images you have in your memory bank that can instantly trigger and presence your light for you.

What are those images and/or words for you? Please share them in the Comments Section below.

Also, please share your experiences of what today’s photos were for you.

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