Love With No Regrets
Treasure Your Relationship Now … Before It’s Too Late
(A Sampling of Interactive Programs that Include Photo/Slide Shows)

Treasure Your Love NOW!
What If He Were Gone Tomorrow?
What Memories Will You Have?

Build Your Treasure Chest


The Many Faces of Your Relationship
He’s Angry/ You’re Hurt/ Talking Stops
Are Your Interpretations
Creating Your Reality?


Where’s Your Focus
On His Rough Edges or His Strengths?
Which Will You Remember More?
Learn how You Can Ignore,
then Acknowledge and Treasure the Good.

Other topics include:

  • Would you Rather Be Right on Be In Love?  – How to have it work for both of you.
  • Choosing to Push Away or Pull In? – Turn your back or embrace?
  • Fear or Love?  – Where are the rewards?
  • The Power of Forgiveness: Who is the one suffering?
“Yours was a Love Story of the Ages,” shared a friend, “and then he was gone.”  Sheila and her late husband, Sam, had a rich, full, harmonious, love-filled marriage for 47 years.  After he was gone, she realized how much more they could have had.
Fortunately she was blessed to have many treasures of love that “surfaced” just when she needed them the most. She is now on a mission for everyone in a love relationship to experience the beauty, joy and wonder of their own love for each other NOW.




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