The Words We Speak – Harsh or Loving – Using Haiku for Expression and Control

by Sheila Finkelstein

This week’s Treasure Your Life Now looks at communication in our relationships and opportunities for shifting out of negative states. We will also see a demonstration of the possibilities that can open up when “playing,” adding relaxation and fun to what’s happening in the moment.

Today’s Photos and Story –

harsh words Haiku on photo imageGoing through some old papers the other day, I found one of the numerous Haikus I had written six and seven years ago when I was experiencing a great deal of anger at how Parkinson’s Disease was affecting my beloved Sam

“Harsh and Brittle Words
Destroy Do No Move Forward
Breathe Deep Love Clears All”

During that period, I discovered Haiku to be a creative way of gaining control of my anger and other emotions. This form of writing consists of 3 lines – 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables again.

The words would come, sometimes describing feelings. Other times the words were about what was happening. After three lines, I would stop and count the syllables in each of them. This became something I COULD control and change. The process also created an almost immediate shift in how I was feeling.

Impressed with the importance of the above Haiku words, I put the paper aside to create a visually appealing photo/message. I planned to join in the words and picture posts that are currently being highly circulated in Facebook. I had no idea what the visual background for the words would be. Then yesterday a photo image showed up.

Sitting in a dental chair yesterday, waiting for the dental assistant to come back, I pulled out my iPhone and took a photograph looking out the window.

View from the window while in dental office chair

Then when the assistant was called away for another minute or two, I started playing with Effects in Photo Studio, one of my iPhone apps.

window view altered with effect from Photo Studio iphone app


greyed out view out window using Photo Studio app for iPhone

view from dental chair created as background panel using Photo Studio iPhone app

The final image resulted from yet one more iPhone photo app that I used.

Important Note – Although I was using the Haiku process for controlling anger, you can certainly be using it to express love; to help you find the words that, perhaps, you don’t think are there.

Today’s Relationship Tip -Though not planned, as such, this week’s,”No Harsh Words. Think Before You Speak” is certainly a follow up to last week’s. So important, I’m repeating it here this week:

Before you speak, pause, take a deep breath and THINK! Is what you are about to say True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

It’s especially important to refrain from “spitting out” those “instantaneous response words” if you are upset. If you feel any kind of agitation, pause, take a slow deep breath in, imaging and feeling LOVE. Hold your breath to the count of four. Then slowly exhale. Do this at least three times.

And, if you need more, grab a pen and paper (keep a small, spiral bound notebook handy). Write out the words and phrases that are sputtering around in your head. Then start counting syllables. Break them down into 5, 7, 5 syllable lines. It’s as simple as that

Remember also that there are many filters, so to speak, interpretations with which you can “layer” the situation. Just as in the above photos, which do you prefer for your life situations – the original? the vivid colors? the greyed? or the abstract, muted out? How can you play?

Has this article moved you into writing some Haiku? How about trying one on Romance of friendship?  Comments welcome.

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