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Have you been married for some time, or are you in a long-term relationship, looking for an added edge?

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  • clearly identifying 3 beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in one or more areas of your relationship;
  • with 2 action steps, things you can do right now to enhance, or improve your relationship.
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palms at Morikami Gardens

Finding the Openings in Your Relationship –
The Light and The Richness

Consider taking advantage of this offer if
the following are important to you:

  • reconnecting on a deeper level;
  • rekindling the magic in your relationship;
  • a tangible acknowledgement treasure;
  • having peace of mind;
  • clearing unspoken communication that might be even more painful were it to become too late to speak it.

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Women Are Saying:

“Talking with Sheila was an experience of awakening my heart to the relationships in my life, especially with my husband. Her simplistic wisdom allowed me to look through others in my life from their viewpoint and get into their mind’s sight and what brings them joy, makes them happy, why they like what they like.

By wanting more closeness in my relationship with my husband, I learned to be truly interested in what makes him tick. Sheila taught me a great skill of asking questions and being present in moments with him.

Now…I feel like I have a new hobby, I have learned a few interesting facts about my be-loved over the last few weeks and it has indeed brought us closer to one another. Thank you,  Sheila, for this gift!”  Cindy Hively,

“I very much appreciate the insights and coaching. I am feeling more at peace and find that it is easier now to live in the moment of our relationship and less in my head about our relationship.

I would say that the biggest thing I came away with after our conversation is a sense of calm about my relationship with my husband.” Sarah

“Sheila, one of the things I appreciate about you….Instead of being a lecturer, you are constantly challenging a person to think about self and express their pain and what they’re looking for.

I’ve worked with psychiatrists and psychologists.  They listen and tell you what to do.  You listen, hold a person’s hand and take them further down the path by asking questions and bringing them to their own conclusion on what should change.”

I’ve  been doing a lot of work on myself and you’ve helped me see how if I make a change it would change what others are doing”. Claire

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If there are no available times, email me with
Appointment Request in subject line with your best times. Please indicate your time zone..

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Bob Wunder May 9, 2012 at 8:53 pm

While I was on the phone with you today, I totally forgot to tell you that I love your message of your company. I live my life by that standard, If you feel it inside let it out. Hug your kids and wife hourly and hold their hand while you walk. Let them know how much you need and love them in your life. Usually I glance over a website of the business owner before I call them. Your website I fully read. Thanks again.



Sheila May 9, 2012 at 9:30 pm

How beautiful, Bob, for you and your family. Thank you so much for visiting and for your affirmation of this site and my work.

Interestingly, it came as I was in the midst of working on my 599th issue of Picture to Ponder ezine (also on for the past 3 or 4 years). I am transitioning it to “Treasure Your Life Now” still a weekly ezine with the issues to be posted here on this blog.

I am impressed with and appreciate your immediate follow-up. Certainly putting you at the top of my list for considering working with in the future.

Continue that awesome treasuring of your family. I’m sure it’s reciprocal.


Karen Wythe June 4, 2012 at 11:29 am

“Pictures to Ponder” is great. I trust it will still remain available. Ah to sit, to think and ponder that which we don’t fully understand as yet is indeed a very important practice.

All through the years it has brought to light we always don’t understand what is right in front of us. More so, we don’t understand what is right in front of us when we focus on a part of the whole picture. Have I done that?

“Pictures to Ponder” gives one the opportunity to embrace oneself and have fullness in solitude. I know it has done this for me. Thank you for that gift.

In transitioning to ‘Treasure Your Life Now”, I look forward to the moving into the action energy. Rather than siting and pondering, I feel we are about to open a wealth of the yet to be realized or cherished aspects of Life. I am ready… thank you, Shelia, for putting this treasure chest in front of us.

It is time to gather the individual memories and value the entire trove. Who knows what other gifts we shall find in it? I look forward to ‘Treasure Your Life Now”.


Sheila Finkelstein June 8, 2012 at 3:36 am

Karen, thank you so very much for your very thoughtful and beautiful testimonial and your affirmations of what I’ve been doing for so many years and what I’m up to now. I’ve been so moved by your words and how you have expressed the summation of what was and is that I’ve been wordless in response to it.

Thank you for having followed the journey and continuing to do so. I find it most interesting also that you picked up on the passive “Pondering” and the moving forward to more action.


Carol Singer October 5, 2012 at 3:21 am

From diagnosis to death was a short yet long suffering period of time for my husband and myself. We only had seven and a half months to say goodbye.

My husband was an electrical engineer, very much inside the box . Allen was a man with a dry sense of humor who really didn’t expose his emotions very well. I used to have to encourage his revealing feelings or emotions. He really wanted to express what he was feeling, but didn’t know how.

When we found out that not much time was being given to us to explore all of the feelings that he had stored in him for our thirty-two years of marriage, that’s when talking to my husband was like speaking with someone who had a revelation. Our endless conversations when both of us shared our deepest feelings about our marriage, our love for one another along with his concern for my future without this man, the love of my life.

Those seven and a half months were probably the closest and most intimate times of our life together. I will always treasure these precious moments of my wonderful life with my husband.

Allen gave of himself like he never was able to before so that we were both left with no regrets.


Sheila Finkelstein October 5, 2012 at 11:38 am

How beautiful, Carol. Thank you so much for sharing this. Regrettably now, I only wish that I had not been in a somewhat of a form of denial, not of the Parkinson’s Disease Sam had; rather of the fact that he might no longer be with me.

Parkinson’s itself is not a terminal illness; though its effects are certainly debilitating. We could have talked about that, our fears, concerns, love; our past, present and future.

May others heed your example that you share so beautifully here, Carol. Thanks again.


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