Loving Her Feet

by Sheila Finkelstein

One of the tips in “55 Ways to Show Love” is “Give foot massages to partner who loves them, without expectation of receiving the same for yourself.” As I was going through black and white photos Sam took of me in the early years of our marriage, this photo grabbed my attention.

Though foot massages were not a part of our regular caring for each other, I do have vivid memories of a particular one in a cab after traipsing in Manhattan in high heels looking for furnishings for our first apartment.

In looking at this photo, I realize that, in a way, Sam was massaging my feet and legs with his eyes and  camera. What a treasure it is to have these tangible memories also!

Are you creating loving and tangible memories for your loved one “to have and to hold” in some way in days and years to come?

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